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You receive a FREE 45-Minute Coaching Call.

Yep, it’s totally free. Zero strings attached. 

This gives you a chance to get to know me, understand

my coaching process, and see if we’re a good fit.


(Yes, that's really me!)

If you’re also...

Stuck in patterns of people pleasing & you have a hard time saying “NO”

Busy taking care of everyone else: at work, at home, everywhere!

Sick and tired of feeling exhaustion and overwhelm

Ready to feel energized, confident, & full of passion for your life

...then you're in the right place!

For many years  I was living the life I thought I was expected to live: a lucrative career as the Executive Director of a non-profit organization, consistently taking charge, and striving to ensure everyone else’s needs were met before my own. 


(Fellow people pleasers and perfectionists, I see you!)


On the outside, I appeared to have every piece of a happy and fulfilling life. But I was living behind a mask.


I spent a year hiding my severe fibromyalgia symptoms from my staff, unable to get out of bed some mornings. 


I was hiding my pain and the truth about what this lifestyle had been doing to my inner and outer worlds.


It wasn’t until I made a radical shift – to quit my well-paying position and devote myself to my healing – that my life began to change.


As a Certified Coach, Wellness Leader, Registered Advanced Yoga Teacher, & Energy Coach, I’m here to help you...

Discover Your True Purpose & Align with Your Passion

Get Crystal Clear on Your Vision & Help You Step-by-Step to Achieve It

Gain Newfound Energy, Vitality, Confidence, Focus, & Joy

Heal from Burn Out, Exhaustion, & Perfectionism

 Guide & Support You with Proven Mindfulness Tools, Expert Coaching, & Energy Techniques to create rapid shifts in your life

Transform Your Relationship With Yourself, Your Loved Ones, Your Work, & Your Body

Ready to FINALLY say


to yourself in 2023?

Start 2023 by prioritizing you & your well-being. 

From a young age, 

most of us learn how to perform...

Unlearn Unhelpful Patterns that Are Holding You Back

YES! Where Do We Start?

cathy design.png

In your Free Coaching Session I’ll help you: 

  • Rapidly uncover your deepest goals, your hidden strengths, and your values

  • Uncover exactly how to create the shifts you seek

  • Realize what unique skills you can cultivate to reach your goals

We’re taught to push down our difficulties, put on our shiny smiles, and project confidence to the world…but it’s exhausting, and it leads to burn out.


No wonder so many of us are exhausted, stressed, and ready for a change.

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