If you can see the invisible,

you can do the impossible!

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- My Story -

In 2016 I was suffering: chronic fatigue, pre-menopausal brain fog,

and the daily pain of fibromyalgia. 

Somehow 25 extra pounds had slowly crept onto my body over the years

without my really noticing or acknowledging it was an issue.

I knew something had to change. I was stressed, with a busy schedule that put everyone else's needs before my own - and I was paying the price with my health, my body image, and my relationship with myself.

I needed accountability, support, and a system that would actually WORK...

...the WILDFIT 90 Day Challenge was exactly what I needed, and so much more.

The WILDFIT 90 Day Challenge gave me the proven framework to understand my cravings and heal my relationship with food.


I released weight, limiting beliefs, and a whole lot of negative self talk... 

...and 5 years later I remain at the same weight I was in my early twenties!

I'm living the WILDFIT lifestyle, transformed from the inside out,

full of vitality and life...

...and excited to share this healing journey with others.

Next WILDFIT 90 Day Challenge Begins in Fall of 2021

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Registered Yoga Teacher - RYT® 500


Certified WildFit Coach

25+ years of leadership experience in running large voluntary health organizations


15+ years of experience as a fitness coach/yoga teacher

Certified Life Coach


I believe in keeping it real and having conversations that matter. You can count on me to hold you accountable with a heart-centered approach, if you are "all in", I'm your coach!


I'm passionate about helping you get to the next level; getting unstuck and past barriers that are holding you back.

I help my clients get from where they are to where they want to be.



I'm ONeal, the Gooden's golden. To be precise I'm a mix of golden retriever and yellow lab. I was born in the Canine Companions family, destined to be a full service dog. I finished all of my training and even graduated! Too bad I have such an obsession with toys that I couldn't be placed with just any family...but that's okay cause that’s the reason I get to live with the Goodens, the most amazing family ever!


Since Cathy and Chris adopted me a few years ago

I've been living the Gooden life!


I get to make them happy and I also get to make Cathy’s clients smile a lot. I didn’t make it as a service dog but that’s cool, I have a new calling as the most amazing therapy dog ever. I still know some of my commands but mostly I just love my Goodens and anyone else who comes into my sight.