If you can see the invisible, you can do the impossible!



25+ years of executive leadership experience in running large non-profit organizations


Proven success in fundraising, leading staff and board development efforts, and executing major and planned giving activities

Registered Yoga Teacher - RYT® 500 with 15 years of fitness/yoga coaching

Certified WildFit Coach


I believe in keeping it "real "and having conversations that matter. You can count on me to hold you and your team accountable with a heart - centered approach, if you are "all in", I am your coach!


I am passionate about helping you and your organization get to the next level; getting unstuck and past barriers that are holding you back

I help my clients get from where they are to where they want to be


- Life & Leadership Coach -

REGISTERED THERAPY DOG - through ATD (Association of Therapy Dogs)


I am ONeal, the Gooden's golden.  To be precise I am a mix of golden retriever and yellow lab.   I was born in the Canine Companions family, destined to be a full service dog. I finished all of my training and even graduated!  Too bad I have such an obsession with toys that I couldn't be placed with just any family...but that's okay cause that’s the reason I get to live with the Goodens, the most amazing family ever! Since Cathy and Chris adopted me a few years ago I have been living the Gooden life! I get to make them happy and I also get to make Cathy’s clients smile a lot.  I didn’t make it as a service dog but that’s cool, I have a new calling as the most amazing therapy dog ever. I still know some of my commands but mostly I just love my Goodens and anyone else who comes into my sight. 

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