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Change Your Health, Change Your Life

11 Proven Steps to Boost Your Vitality Now

If you’ve tried diets or programs in the past and are feeling frustrated, this Free Workshop is for you to release weight, gain energy and live a healthier life.

In this Workshop you’ll get the step-by-step method to:

Join us on Zoom Thursday, September 8th at 6:30pm EST

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  • Overcome Sugar Addiction

  • Understand the Link Between Your Emotions & The Foods You Eat

  • Release Weight & Gain Energy WITHOUT Dieting

  • Get Clear on Your Health Concerns & Aspirations

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Attend the FREE Workshop

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Presented by Cathy Gooden, 
Certified Wholistic Health Coach,
Former Executive, Yoga Teacher,
& Wellness Mentor

What Is Food Freedom?

Eating what you want, when you want in a healthy & functional way.

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When I started my 90- Day Live the GOOD(en) Challenge in September of 2016, I was suffering from chronic fatigue, pre-menopausal brain fog, and the daily pain of fibromyalgia. 

Somehow 25 extra pounds had slowly crept onto my body over the years

without my really noticing or acknowledging it was an issue.

Now 6 years later I remain at the same weight I was in my early twenties!

I am now living to The Live the GOOD(en) Life Challenge, transformed from the inside out, full of vitality and life and excited to share this healing journey with others.

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"Learning the different types of hungers has given me 
serious BREAKTHROUGHS in my health and my eating habits.

Cathy has changed my life!
Her coaching has been an essential
to my own self discovery and development
over the past 3 years we've worked together."

- Tiffany


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