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Change Your Relationship with Food in Just 90 Days​

This revolutionary food philosophy has helped thousands of men and women over the past 10 years.

If you've ever...

Smart Snacking

👉 Struggled with Your Weight

👉 Tried Diets in the Past with Little to No Success

👉 Put Everyone Else’s Needs Before Your Own

👉 Struggled with Cravings: You Need Coffee in                       the AM or an Afternoon ‘Pick-Me-Up’

👉 Felt Helpless to Sugar

This program is designed for you.

There are NO pills, NO shakes, and NO special meals you have to buy.


Will 2023 FINALLY be the year you care for yourself and feel amazing in your body?

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“The triggers that kept me going to the fridge were undone. Cathy Gooden showed up with enthusiasm and wisdom as she guided us through the process of improving our health, gradually and thoroughly. Cathy is a wonderfully devoted health coach and healer. I highly recommend her programs to all who want to transform their relationship to food. She’s a powerful advocate for change on this planet, and it is needed!”

Monica D

"I am more fit and I have more energy today than when I was 20. 

No need for lifting sugary and eating a ton of expensive food supplements. Don't wait until you're 20lbs. overweight to take care of your health like I did."

Valerie K

“I feel like I have my life back. I’m not in pain anymore and I’m able to exercise. Even though I have a background as a nurse, and I’m retired from that profession now, I learned an awful lot about how I was supposed to eat, about mindful eating, hydration, and about how to respectfully talk to myself and treat myself.


Thanks to this program ​​I’m controlling my RA with diet. I’m unable to take medicine due to horrible side effects. I feel very blessed to find that eating correctly, staying hydrated, and reducing stress through the breathing and meditation techniques has helped me to live a pain free healthy life.”


~ Diane R.

Calm Sea

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