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" I loved the program. I’ve been on several 'diets' for over 20 years.


This is the first one I consider a serious lifestyle change. Not a diet. 

It's a full immersion program. The love and total support you feel is unprecedented for me.


You take baby steps to really help your mental and physical self slowly change and adjust to a new way of eating.


I found the frequent videos very informative and helpful! I learned a lot, fixed my awful addictive sugar cravings which was a huge problem for me. It does take effort on your part, it’s not always easy, but it happens. With the instructions and support your taste buds change, you crave different types of food. Now I think blueberries are super sweet! Never thought that could happen. If you're interested in changing your relationship with food to one where you feel fit and happy about yourself- this is the program to get you there! I’d sign up again in a heart beat."


~ Eileen

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Drinking Green Juice

Ready to Release Weight & Limiting Beliefs?

Transform Your
Relationtionship with Food in 90 Days

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