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Clear Your Sinuses with This!

Stuffy nose or congestion? The best tool I've found to clear my sinuses is the neti pot, which seems a bit intimidating at first but it is so simple and does a great job at flushing out mucus.

I prefer using the neti pot over over-the-counter decongestants because of the unpredictable chemicals and side effects that can come with medication. It's great to use the neti pot every few days just to rinse out debris and allergens from the nasal cavity - I’ve been using mine for years! Below is a quick tutorial video on how to use it.

Pro Tips
👃 Blow your nose first
💧 Use luke warm water and use your finger to “swish“ and dissolve the salt
👃 Flush each nostril (either stop half way through the pot and switch or do a second pot)
💧 It may get messy at first and feel awkward too. It takes practice like any new habit, so keep going!
👃 “Habit stack“ this technique by doing it before brushing your teeth

Happy neti-ing !!

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