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  Self-Love Is the Root of Radical Self-Acceptance & the Doorway to True Healing...  

Self Love


  "How you love yourself is how you teach others to love you."  

  -Rupi Kaur  



 💗 Relax Your Mind 💗

 💗 Rewrite Your Limiting Beliefs 💗

 💗 Reconnect You with Your True Self 💗

As a child I was taught that it was selfish to put my needs first. Consciously and unconsciously, I learned that it was not ok to love myself – not fully at least, not without earning it.


I was taught that others must always come first, and we must serve others before ourselves (no wonder I went into the nonprofit world, which I deeply loved...but I got burnt out).


So many of us, especially women, are taught this – which is why so many of us are giving from an empty cup and yet feeling guilty that we're never doing enough. 


Do you feel guilty when you take even a little time for yourself?


You’re not alone.


I hear this all the time from my yoga students and my coaching clients.


This is why Self Love is the foundation of what I do and what I teach...


...and this is why I've created this Self-Love Meditation for you. 


Simply input your name and email above and you’ll receive instant access – listen to it any time to help you rewrite your old stories of unworthiness and shift toward radical self love (which will change your life).


Your Self-Love Coach,


This 11-minute Guided Meditation is designed to help you:


my qualifications

E-RYT 500hr Advanced Yoga Teacher Certification

Certified Life Coach 

Certified Meditation Teacher

Master Reiki Certification

Certified Chakra Healer

Certified Wildfit Coach

Certified Energy Coach

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